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Bookkeeping Services

Every small business has their own unique story to tell and people they are impacting. Allow me to put my 9 years of cash flow analysis experience to work for you and your business so you have more time on your hands to do what makes your business great!

Bookkeeping Basics

  • Determine which subscription level of QuickBooks Online will be best suited for the business needs.

  • Set up QuickBooks Online account.

  • Link bank and credit card statements.

  • Clean up and reconcile historic activity for current fiscal year.

  • Complete weekly, monthly, quarterly, and fiscal year end tasks.

The Power of Cash Flow

  • Once we have organized all the necessary financial data and compiled a debt schedule, I can calculate the current cash flow position of the operating entity.

  • Having a thorough understanding of your operating entity's cash flow position and the primary drivers behind fluctuations or growth in revenue and expenses is a powerful tool for optimizing your margins and making informed business decisions.

Add Ons

  • Cashflow analysis/discussions

  • Custom Reports

  • QuickBooks Subscription Discount

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